Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Did you encounter a seepage in your home water heaters lately? If you endure such leakage issues from your water heaters, it is high time to take it under notice. Our company provides water heater repairing and replacement services in all its glory. We agree that maintaining a level of hot water is so important, especially when you’re living in cold areas of Denver.

Hence, these issues should immediately be treated before things turn worse. We can only say that never endanger your family in the name of laziness and get our repairing services today!

Maximum Working Time for a water Heater
It’s not always necessary that a water heater proves to be lifelong stable. Most of the time, it depends on what type of heater you’re using, so its life span varies. You can always count on Golden Hands to discuss the status of your home water heater and either it needs a replacement or not. Soon after calling, we will visit your place to analyze the equipment and tell you the resolution accordingly.
Now Enjoy the Hot Water with Our Replaced Appliance
If, after examining, our team finds out issues in your water heater, it would surely have to be repaired or need a replacement. Got worried? Never do that while having us by your side. We not only guarantee good quality of the replacement but also are pocket-friendly.
We have the following options for you to pick instead of your old, outdated water heater.
Conventional Water Heaters: Such heaters save gallons of water in huge tanks and carries electricity or gas through them for heating purpose. These highly proficient & standard heaters are used nowadays to lessen the risk of heavy bills by 7%.
Tankless Water Heaters: These type of heaters warms the water only when it is required. It not only saves electricity bills by 30 percent but also heats the water for the long run. So, get access to immediate hot water with our tankless water heaters today!
Hybrid Heaters: This type of equipment utilizes the same old electricity connections by joining the heating pump to traditional water tanks. Hybrid water heaters are the most effective of all, reducing the monthly costs up to 60%.
We can only suggest you the best alternatives, but in the end, the choice is always yours. We respect our customer’s decision, still if you want to know more, dial in our customer support numbers.
Our Services
So, whenever you want to fix or replace your water heaters in Denver, Golden Hands Plumbing Services should appear first on your list. We understand your stress behind finding the right plumber for it but preferring our company will help you forget all your worries. We have a team of top-class workers who excel in replacing or repairing your leaked/damaged water heaters. It’s extremely important to get details of your plumbers before permitting them to your house. For this, we have our customer support center who’s available to satisfy your problems 24/7. For further information, read on our website and contact us! Someone from our workers will approach you.

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